Picture Blog


Two people passionate for food and animal rights. That’s us, Joël and Muriel.

Joël, passionate cook and the one who turned me, Muriel vegan. (Yay!) His recipes are all self invented, (almost all are) healthy and do not lack any proteins, vitamins etc., as he is very good in inventing balanced meals.

Muriel, more and more passionate about cooking, but also about eating (haha!) and taking pictures. I mostly write those blog entries and take the pictures and Joël mostly cooks and helps assembling the backgrounds, lightning etc. In the beginning it was exclusively his recipes, but he inspired me more and more to also make my own creations, so now it’s around half half. You will see in the recipes who invented them, if you are curious ;-).

Living in the beautiful city of Montreal, we get inspired every day by our surroundings. All the ideas we have, we want to share with you here, as well as recommendations for vegan restaurants and events in Montreal and a bit around the world.
Thanks for reading! 🙂