Soyprotein Seitan Burger

  Those. Burgers. Hard to find words to describe them. They are juicy, savoury and all in all just delicious. Even lots of our meat eater friends preferred those over their usual patties. Definitely give them a try!   Ingredients 1 ½ cup TVP (textured vegetable protein) 1 cup black beans 2 small garlic cloves … Continue reading Soyprotein Seitan Burger

Review: “My Heart Beats Vegan” in Germany, Karlsruhe

When I went through our pictures of our Germany trip last year, I found these pictures of one of my absolute favorite vegan restaurants and I thought I shouldn't keep them for myself. If you travel to Germany, you already have a lot of vegan options and you won't stay hungry. This restaurant though, was … Continue reading Review: “My Heart Beats Vegan” in Germany, Karlsruhe